Palomar Heights

Conditional Offer of 121-141 N. Fig Street Building for Relocation:

The Palomar Heights Project Owner, LLC (“Offeror”) is offering the building located at 121-141 N. Fig Street in Escondido for relocation to an off site location. The International-style building was designed by architect Russell Forester and all significant elements would be required to be retained through its relocation. The party that proposes to relocate the building (“Offeree”) shall be responsible for all expenses (including, but not limited to, any relocation costs, insurance requirements, permit fees, repairs, stabilization, and restoration costs, etc.) and for finding a compatible off-site location that will reestablish contributing aspects of the building’s historic orientation, immediate setting, and general environment. No expenses will be borne bythe Offeror. The relocation efforts shall be conducted in accordance with the California Historical Building Code (Title 24 Part 8) and the guidelines recommended by the National Park Service that are outlined in the booklet “Moving Historic Buildings,” by John Obed Curtis (1979). In addition, any maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, stabilization, or preservation work performed in conjunction with the relocation of the buildings shall be undertaken in a manner consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and the California Historical Building Code (Title 24 Part 6). Any Offeree responding to this Conditional Offer must demonstrate the ability to successfully complete all above-required conditions, including by providing the Offeree’s overall plan, financial information demonstrating adequate financing, and the proposed new location of the building (Qualified Offeree). The Qualified Offeree must provide a detailed plan for relocation, and completion, within six months from January 27, 2021. The Offeror will consider proposals submitted for a period of 60 days following the date of publication of this advertisement and negotiate in good faith with any qualified Offeree proposing relocation. This Conditional Offer is expressly contingent on the parties reaching a subsequent written agreement on terms and conditions, and offeror reserves the right to reject proposals, including for not meeting the above-required conditions. This Conditional Offer refers to the building located at 121-141 N. Fig Street only and shall not apply to the underlying land/real property or other property at that location. To obtain additional information about the building and its relocation required conditions, and to submit a proposal to relocate this building, please contact: Ninia Hammond at 760-944-7511 or by email at

Offer to relocate map